Control room, security

HoloVizio light field displaying can visualise complex air-traffic situations in space. By displaying the real spatial position of air-vehicles, the risk of human error can be decreased and flight safety increased. In the operational aspects of air traffic control (ATC), the use of 3D displays could offer important advantages including visualization of the complex airspace surrounding airports, appreciation of the spatial relationships between neighboring aircrafts, visualization of the flight path trajectories.

Concerning other types of airport security operations, 3D light field displaying may offer a viable solution for 3D luggage scanning to increase safety and speed of luggage control.

Further potential applications include simulation, training, command & control and battlefield visualization for defense and other types of interactive 3D terrain map visualizations.

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  • Glasses-free light field 3D visualisation
  • Real spatial correspondence
  • Ability to make quick and correct decisions
  • Increased security
  • Shorter reaction time
  • More accurate recognition