L3DWALL | 3D LightField LED wall system

Duration: 01.06.2019. – 31.05.2021.


We are living in the era of visual communication.
LED technologies will dominate future displays and visualization. LEDs will outperform all, currently still mainstream technologies, like LCDs, projection (DLP, LCOS, other), even OLED. LEDs, being emissive display components by nature, offer very efficient operation with low consumption, excellent contrast with real black levels, when off, relative to backlit LCDs, or projection. They offer superb brightness, vivid colors and long life-time, when compared to OLEDs.
LED walls became the sole solution in large-scale displaying. Video walls, projection systems and other visual techniques, installations cannot keep pace with the practical advantage of LED walls. LED walls are not anymore just display walls, they offer a creative platform for modular any size, any aspect, any shape, any surface displaying.
For latest fine pitch LED walls, with pixel pitches under 1 mm, they will come to the size of TV-s in the living room.  The modular structure for TV sets next generation microLED technology is evolving opening the way for further size reductions.
Europe is in a leading position in the photonic industry, including LED components and advanced optical technologies. Two European SMEs join forces to rethink LED walls to create a new product category in the segment, launching glasses-free 3D Light Field LED Walls.