EVOCATION | Advanced Visual and Geometric Computing for 3D Capture, Display, and Fabrication

Duration: 01-10-2018 / 30-09-2022

H2020 - No 813170

EVOCATION will provide the first European training platform for the development of doctoral research skills in the context of scalable acquisition of object shape and material appearance, interactive visualization, advanced 3D displays and computational fabrication. The table to the right summarizes the recruitment deliverables per beneficiary. ESR positions will be advertised at start, with ESRs expected to be working by M6. Training will be based on the novel and scaffolding combination of top-down structured training (e.g., lectures, seminars, progress reports), bottom-up fellow-organized learning (e.g., online discussion and wiki forums, self-auditing, individual coaching) and experiential learning (e.g., experiment design, real-world case studies, workshop organization).

We pursue five major training objectives:

  • Training-through-research and methodical learning based on specific research activities
  • Local training, combining structured PhD programs with individual coaching, in core research competences and skills within both academic and industrial environments
  • Network-wide training, implemented through training events as well as remote tutoring, focusing on the thematic areas, as well as complementary skills focusing on Open science concepts, entrepreneurship, and further transferable skills
  • Inter-sectorial and transnational mobility via secondments and shorter visits to beneficiaries and partners
  • Individualized development of professional and personal skills through per-person planning, monitoring, and feedback.

The common goal of the specific research activities and of the associated training is to prepare ESR fellows to optimally use and develop technology for high-quality 3D acquisition, and virtual and physical presentation, to be applied in a number of application domains. This is a twofold transformative process involving structured training to reach domain understanding from technical knowledge, and individual coaching to gain awareness from the mastery of technical skills.