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HoloVizio light field technology is an ideal visualization tool for special events, high-tech exhibitions, entertainment including location based entertainment for theme parks, even arcade gaming.

Location based entertainment

Theme parks were the very first to apply glasses stereo 3D theaters, simulator rides. 3D glasses have been for long the emblematic accessories for futuristic adventures. Yet, glasses stereo has its limitations in the realism of 3D, the use-comfort and by now with the growing number of consumer glasses 3D systems, the novelty has gone.

While the demand for WOW-effect is on high, the endeavor to provide life-like 3D scenes is still a problem . The limitless visual creation, where visitors are immersed in the story, where the border between the physical reality and the non-existent vanishes, has not yet solved. The ultimate 3D, the enabling technology solution has been missing up to now.

HoloVizio glasses-free 3D will open new perspectives in 3D visualization for theme parks, providing a potential technology platform for various 3D solutions:
  • limitation-free 3D, undisturbed impressions, no glasses, no tracking, large number of viewers enjoy life-like natural 3D
  • no headache, no see-sickness, no optical tricks
  • 3D everywhere for visitors even on the move
  • 360 degrees VR experience without accessories making possible social scenarios
  • spatially matching 3D interactions, with wide range of interaction devices
  • no practical problems, no need for glasses given out/collected, cleaning or recycling
  • 3D both for rides both for queuing, no safety issues
  • eye-catching thematic lobby attraction at park hotels, restaurants

Event rental

Impress your visitors on your exhibition booth or organise your VIP event with our unique glasses-free light field 3D display system for multiple viewers!

You can show different 3D images, 3D videos or present your interactive 3D applications.

The largest available glasses-free 3D experience in the world; real time operation, user interaction also possible.

  • No invalid zones,
  • Continuous horizontal motion parallax in the viewing range
  • Natural images, no eyestrain.

See below some of the examples how our customers used HoloVizio technology for different events, trade-shows in the last couple of years all over the world.

Check out our use cases and references

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