Custom displays

Next generation immersive HoloVizio systems

  • Large-scale 3D LF visualization with free moving and interactions
  • Any-shape 3D projection
  • Scalable technology
  • Gigapixel displays
  • Glasses-free 3D CAVE-s
  • No edges, no corners
  • Multiple collaborative users
  • „Holodeck” platform

Screenless HoloVizio visual-reality station

  • Total unaided 3D, natural mid-air manipulation and feedback of displayed 3D objects
  • Dematerialized 3D impression with hyper-realistic environmental illumination and tactile effects

Custom made design for holopresence usecase

3D Light Field Camera System
  • Compact industry GigE camera array,
  • Fully synchronized (hard/soft trigger)
  • Arc rig - software support for arbitrary camera arrangement
  • Realtime conversion of camera array LF to display LF
3D Light Field Telepresence System
  • Human scale
  • Full-FOV +100Mpixels LF display and camera system
  • Connected through an optical fiber
  • Fully-synchronized cameras and LF rendering
  • Low latency