Cultural heritage

Digitization, preservation of cultural heritage as well as interactive, hologram-like 3D visualization of art-pieces, without risking the originals. A new level of visitor experience by providing a way for closer and more complete inspection of 3D art objects (for example statues, sculptures, monuments, ruins) that are otherwise too small, too large, inaccessible, have been lost or destroyed.

Museum visitors will be able to navigate in the virtual 3D space with intuitive, natural user interfaces, while the display system provides true 3D, hologram-like visualization of the 3D objects floating in the air in front of or behind the screen, without the necessity of viewers wearing glasses.

Light field 3D visualisation also makes peculiar archeological sites e.g. the underwater cultural heritage within the reach of the wide public using immersive 3D technologies.

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Virtual museums
  • dynamic content to present treausres
  • storytelling
Flexible arrangements
  • individual, island, immersive display blocks
  • free viewpoint system, no limits for visitors
Underwater Cultural Heritage
  • Dry UW visits