CAD Review

Different types of CAD software have been used to facilitate vehicle, architectural and mechanical design in 3D since long. 3D light field visualization can considerably speed up and facilitate the collaborative evaluation process of 3D design results and thus reduce the cost of actual design work. Industrial design still often requires creation of several physical 3D mock-ups that is facilitated today by 3D printing but still expensive process.

With HoloVizio displays, design teams could see immediately the result of their work on a secondary 3D light field display in real time, allowing even remote teams of professionals to work simultaneously and to present new designs to decision makers without the recurring cost of physical mock-ups.

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  • Collaborative 3D design tool
  • ‘Digital mock-up creation’ in real time
  • Improve accuracy and reduce errors
  • Allow better understanding of spatial relationships
  • Breath-taking presentation tool