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Tovább a teljes cikkhez [pdf] "HoloVízió: a világ legjobb 3D-megjelenítője"

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Oil IT Journal ( Holographic front end for Shell’s 123DI interpretation system

Holografika’s HoloVizio was on show at World Oil Visualization fest at Barco’s Belgian location.

Speaking at the World Oil Visualization meeting in Barco’s offices at Kuurne, Belgium last month, Holografika CEO Tibor Balogh showed a prototype holographic display, the HoloVizio System (HVS) used as a front end for Shell’s in-house developed 123DI seismic interpretation package.

50 Megapixels

HVS is a hardware/software combination that offers very high resolution, glasses-free stereoscopic visualization for a number of verticals including oil and gas. Top of the HVS range is the HoloVizio 640RC, 72 inch 16:9 ratio screen with a 50 megapixel 3D resolution and dual gigabit Ethernet.

Shell prototypes

The HVS has been successfully integrated with Dynamo reservoir simulator and Shell’s 123DI package using Holografika’s OpenGL interface. General purpose visualization of CAD models in OpenInventor format is also possible using the IvTuneViewer and an OpenGL wrapper.

What’s next?

Holografika is now working on a networked holographic audio-visual platform for multi-user geographically distributed teams. Next generation displays of upwards of 100 megapixels will leverage LED technology and 3D image transmission (IPTV). "Rángasson virtuális szörnyeket!"

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