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no head tracking

If you use HoloVizio for displaying 3D images, you will not need to wear any head tracking equipment.

With our patented 3D displaying technology you do not need any inconvenient user worn equipment. HoloVizio does not use cameras to capture your movements and calculate your viewpoint. HoloVizio provides the full 3D field of viewand you are free to walk in front of the screen.

This is valid for you and for other people who watch the same high-quality 3D image on a HoloVizio display. No more guided stereo sessions, no more VR monsters, just natural interactions.

Natural like 3D images

HoloVizio shows high-3D quality images in a way that makes the presented 3D view similar to real life 3D vision.

This is possible due to the fact that spatial points of the image are addressed individually. The position of the displayed 3D object does not depend on the viewing position but it remains fixed in the space. HoloVizio reconstructs the 3D light field, the displays generate all the light beams to make the 3D view of the displayed object visible in the whole field of view. .

HoloVizio displays show 2D images with the same resolution as 3D images (full 2D compatibility). 2D is a subset of 3D, in case of an advanced 3D display technology there is no need to any switch-over.

Simultaneous viewers

Unlimited number of viewers can watch simultaneously the same 3D image on a HoloVizio 3D display with the possibility of seeing different details of the scene.

Every viewer sees his or her own perspective of the same 3D scene. HoloVizio 3D displaying technology creates the same view you expect in real life, when you look into the details of an object from one viewpoint and your partner examines the same object from a different viewpoint.

This advanced technology provides a strong background for interactive collaborative work possible only with highly realistic 3D imaging.

Look behind images

Viewers of HoloVizio displays should not wear glasses, can freely walk in front of the screen in a wide field of view, seeing the displayed objects, higlights, shadows moving continuously as in the normal perspective.

It is possible to look into and behind objects, hidden details appear, while other parts of the displayed object disappear the same way as it happens at real 3D scenes in life (motion parallax).

To imagine the 3D feeling you can experience with our 3D displays just look at something near you and try to move your head horizontally and you will better understand the power of HoloVizio technology.