Holografika will present on 2nd Annual Automotive HMI and Display Forum

13-14 November, 2019, Berlin, Germany

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Holografika presenting at Interton University (HUN)

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Interactive "dry under-water visits" at the Thalassa museum of Sea, Cyprus

on a large-scale HoloVizio 3D cinema from 10th October 2019

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Holografika presenting on GPU Day 2019, 11-12 July, Budapest

11-12 July 2019, Budapest, Hungary

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Holografika participating on the first European Light Field Imaging Workshop
[ELFI 2019]
4-6 June 2019, Borovets, Bulgaria

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Holografika presenting on NEM Summit 2019
[Tibor Balogh, Session: New Media Formats]
23 May 2019, Zagreb, Croatia

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Girls'Day 2019
30 April 2019, Budapest, Hungary

Tovább (HUN)

Event photos of Girls' Day

A TOP 10 legérdekesebb magyar innováció gála 2019
15 Január 2019, Budapest, Hungary

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