Demonstration of HoloVizio in Denmark - Nordic Exceptional Trendshop 2006, Copenhagen, 1-3 December

Holografika has been invited to showcase its monitor type Holovizio 128 WD display at the event hosted for creative and mind blowing projects from around the world.

Demonstration at SIGGRAPH 2006 - Emerging Technologies, Boston, 30 July - 3 Agust, 2006

The large-scale HoloVizio 640RC has been demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2006 in the framework of Emerging Technologies as a part of an interactive, multi-user holographic environment that allows naked-eye participants to share a large 3D scene with fully continuous, observer-independent parallax.

Boston Convention & Exhibiton Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

SIGGRAPH 2006 website

Download video

European project COHERENT represented by Holografika at the European ICT Pavilion at CommunicAsia2006, Singapore

Demonstrations of 3D models and videos can be viewed on Holovizio 128 WD

European ICT Pavilion, CommunicAsia2006, Singapore Expo, 20-23 June 2006

Participation on 15th World Congress on Information Technology, Austin, Texas, May 1-5, 2006

Holografika participated in the Innovation exchange program on WCIT 2006.

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