HoloVizio selected as one of the three most impressive exhibit on IST 2002 Exhibition, organized by the EU, in Copenhagen, 4-6 November 2002

The organising committee has had a lot of fun preparing the IST 2002 event, and evaluating the many ideas you yourselves have submitted for inclusion. In some cases the discussion and debate to make selections was long. . . in just a few cases it was very short. These are the items which for us, just had to be included: the ones that seemed to be the most impressive. These are the most important ? exhibits whose impact is both obvious and profound, the potential applications of technology that just grab your imagination and blow your mind away. Listed are just a very few of the items that we think everyone is going to want to see. Take our advice. Start planning how to make best use of your time during IST 2002.

HoloVizio at IST 2002 website