GE Medical Systems and Holografika has demonstrated clinical applications of HoloVizio on the 21st Congress of the Hungarian Society of Radiologists, 29-31. August 2002, Szeged (Hungary)

Clinical cases were demonstrated for the radiologists and clinicians attending the 21st Congress of the Hungarian Society of Radiologists, 29-31 Aug, Szeged (Hungary). Demonstrations presented were developed in the cooperation of General Electric Medical Systems and Holografika, by interfacing HoloVizio’s software system to the GE Advantage Windows workstation, so that to visualize the.volume and surface rendered images in real 3D on the holographic display. The Radiology Department of Heim Pál Hospital (Budapest) did the coordination of the developmental work.


The 3D and the multiplanar (MPR) visualization are already unquestionable applied in a numerous clinical fields. Today these images are being visualized on conventional 2D monitors and 3D effects can only be achieved via “rotating” the viewed image.
By the use of a secondary image processing of the visualized body or organ volume, real 3D visualization provides an in depth examination possibility to the organs like brain, spine or joints. The normal anatomy or the pathological changes of the vessels can be recognized much easier using real 3D display.
With the use of HoloVizio the reconstructed image can be viewed with unassisted naked eye. The interdisciplinary consultation of radiology examinations, surgical planning and education will be eventually changed due to this new technology.

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