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Impress your visitors on your exhibition booth or organise your VIP event with our unique glasses-free 3D display system for
multiple viewers!
You can show different 3D images, 3D videos or present your interactive 3D applications.
The largest available glasses-free 3D experience in the world; real time operation, user interaction also possible.
No invalid zones, continuous horizontal motion parallax in the viewing range; natural images, no eyestrain.
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See below some of the examples how our customers used the HoloVizio technology for different events, trade-shows in the
last couple of years all over the world:

Markets General

Holografika offers a high-end solution for the
true 3D visualization of the 3D data that is
available in many professional IT systems.
The company’s current product line includes
26″-32″ monitor-type HoloVizio 3D displays
for professional markets such as medical,
CAD (automotive, architectural, molecular),
air-traffic control, simulation and gaming
industries, video communication, security
e.g. 3D luggage scanning, gas-oil
exploration and entertainment. The
company also developed large-scale
holographic 3D display systems and offers
as custom-designed devices for 3D CAD
applications, theme-parks, scientific

Links and Information

Other installation examples

  • HoloVizio C80 at Innovation Techshow
  • ICT 2010 video report
  • InfoComm 2010 video summary
  • HoloVizio 240P on CeBIT 2009
  • HoloVizio shines Dubai in 3D

Orange Hello Demain 2011 – Paris, France | HoloVizio 240P kiosk-type display

Shell, EAGE 2007 – London, UK | HoloVizio 720RC large-scale rear projection display

ITD Hungary, GITEX 2008 – Dubai, UAE | HoloVizio 240P kiosk-type display

Oil & Gas Exploration

3D visualization plays an ever increasing role in the field of exploration and production. Correlating the underground data with the surface landscape, modeling the flow of oil, the
analysis of the impact of different drilling techniques or generally the interpretation of seismic data by means of 3D systems have become essential to enchance productivity. By
visualizing integrated data sets of various kinds in 3D, geologists, geophysicist and decision makers are provided with more comprehensive and more reliable models.
Using HoloVizio you are able to utilize the following advanteges:

  • “True” 3D image visible to naked eye, enabling continuous work without eye strain
  • Multi-user environment enabling collaborative assessment
  • Decreased number of uncertainties
  • 3D seismic interpretation of workflow process
  • Support for custom OpenGL-based third party software applications

If you have questions regarding compatibility, please check Software overview or contact us at

Medical Imaging

The methods of state of the art cross sectional imaging have significantly changed medical diagnostics. The common feature of CT, MR, 3D real-time ultrasound is based
on the principle that the diagnostic information is contained in series of cross sectional images. The 3D and the multiplanar (MPR) visualization are already unquestionably
applied in a numerous clinical fields. Today these images are being visualized on conventional 2D monitors and 3D effects can only be achieved by “rotating” the viewed
By the use of a secondary image processing of the visualized body or organ volume, true 3D displaying provides an in depth examination option of the organs like brain,
spine or joints and the vascular system. The normal anatomy or the pathological changes of the vessels can be recognized much easier using HoloVizio; the
reconstructed image can be viewed with the unassisted naked eye in true 3D. This new technology can fundamentally change the interdisciplinary consultation of
radiology examinations, surgical planning and medical education.

See product features here.

Using HoloVizio you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • “True” 3D image visible to naked eye
  • Extended diagnostic capabilities
  • Ideal tool for surgical training and planning
  • Decreased number of uncertainties
  • Decreased examination time

If you have questions regarding compatibility, please check Software overview or contact us at

CAD Design & Review

Automotive, architectural mechanical CAD has aimed at visualising objects in 3D since long. True 3D displaying would considerably speed up and reduce the cost of the
actual design work. Industrial processes could be revolutionized by rapid 3D virtual prototyping; as an example, decision makers would have a new powerful tool that would
ease the evaluation of various models engineers provide them.
With true 3D displays, more people could directly see real 3D representation of things, allowing teams of professionals to work simultaneously or to present new designs to
decision makers without recurring to costly physical mock-ups.

Using HoloVizio you are able to utilize the following advantages:

“True” 3D image visible to naked eye

Collaborative design tool

Digital mock-up creation in real time

Breath-taking presentational tool

Increased client satisfaction

Increased work effectiveness

If you have questions regarding compatibility, please check Software overview or contact us at

Air Traffic Control

HoloVizio provides realistic visualisation of air-traffic situations in 3D. The display gives the opportunity to examine the real spatial position of the displayed air-vehicles; by the
use of HoloVizio you can diminish the risk of human error thus increase flight safety. Further potential applications include command & control and battlefield visualization for

Using HoloVizio you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • “True” 3D image visible to naked eye
  • Real spatial correspondence
  • Ability to make quick and correct decisions
  • Increased security
  • Shorter reaction time
  • More accurate recognition

If you have questions regarding compatibility, please check Software overview or contact us at

Simulation, Telepresence


Simulation is related to virtual reality. There are several vehicle simulation systems for travel security, military and entertainment purposes. In simulation applications, the HoloVizio large-scale system may substitute the traditional stereoscopic immersive solutions by a single coherent true 3D representation of the scenario.

Using HoloVizio you are able to utilize the following advantages:

  • “True” 3D image, visible to naked eye
  • Unconstrained, “window-like” 3D representation
  • Multi-user scenarios
  • Simple stand-in of a computer monitor in training simulations that require 3D visualisation
If you have questions regarding compatibility, check Software overview or contact us at

Gaming, Entertainment, 3D Glasses-Free Cinema


Visualization technologies had an important role in the development of the computer gaming industry, the 3D content for real 3D displaying is available today. HoloVizio provides an outstanding visual experience to become the displaying system of the next generation gaming consoles. With the use of HoloVizio, multi-player gaming becomes a reality. Players can view different motions or life-like scenes depending on the angle from where they watch the monitor.

Using HoloVizio you are able to utilize the following advantages:

  • “True” 3D image, no glasses or helmets needed
  • Novel display option for arcade gaming
  • No fixed viewer positioning required
  • Giving new interpretation to multi-player gaming
  • 2D compatibility
  • The world’s first glasses-free 3D cinema

If you have questions regarding compatibility, check Software overview or contact us at

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Holografika is a Hungarian venture active in the field of emerging photonic technologies. The company invented and developed a proprietary light-field technology in glasses-free 3D visualisation, including real 3D display devices, software applications, cameras and 3D data compression solutions and holds several patents and trademarks.
The company has developed and been selling its proprietary 3D HoloVizio displaying systems since 2004.
In the last couple of years the company finished the development of its large-scale rear- and front projection systems and recently a full-angle 30” monitor-style display as well.
These HoloVizio equipment have been demonstrated and sold all over the world.
Holografika has been involved in several R&D projects funded by Hungarian National Programs and European Union’s Framework Program FP6, FP7 and Horizon2020. The R&D activities focus on developing next generation holographic 3D displays and inherent 3D applications in different fields of industries e.g. health, car-design, broadcasting, etc. The company established important partnerships and cooperation with large international players like BAE Systems, Shell, Peugeot-Citroen, Renault, Technicolor, Philips, Videoton, Sony, Samsung and important European IT companies and institutes like CRS4, CS, Inria and several universities and institutes all over the world.
Above projects and development work can only be carried out by those enthusiastic people: an international team of software engineers, optical engineers, hardware developers, holographers, who by now have acquired interdisciplinary skills all linked to real 3D. This knowledge allows the team to implement this pioneer development, which has a good chance to establish the future standard for a 3D light-field platform.


Holografika’s 3D display technology will make 3DTV in homes a reality: to deliver interactive television programs and games to millions of families around the world. The locations and actors are rendered in virtual 3D for the viewer to zoom in and out, view different perspectives of a scene, even seeing a different program from left and right directions. With a greater number of available broadcast television channels, alliances can be formed to create unique and distinctive 3D content.


HoloVizio trademark

Light Field trademark


In 1989 Tibor Balogh started his private entrepreneurship as an electric engineer/holographer aiming at designing and producing conventional holograms. In 1990 his group recognised the outstanding business opportunity in the embossed hologram technology for security purposes, mostly applied on credit cards, bank notes etc. In time the manufacturing of embossed holograms became an independent business; meanwhile the company’s intellectual resources were rearranged for new challenges.

Starting from 1992 the recruitment of the new development team began from major universities of Hungary like Eötvös Loránd University of Science (ELTE) and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE) aiming to develop the world first “true” 3D-visualisation device. At the end of 1996 Holografika was established as a private company. The company took part in various opto-electronical development projects e.g. development of special head-mounted display and optical data storage and sold also its development capacity, in the field, for external contractors. Between 1996 and 1999 the Company run a joint development project with Sony. Within the framework of this cooperation Holografika developed the first laser-based 3D display prototype by 1997 and a number of technologies and 3D related patents.

From this time on, thanks to the team’s enthusiasm, it took only three years to build the first true-colour holographic display prototype.

Holographic 3D dispaly prototype

Investor relations

So far Holografika financed its R&D activities from its operation profit, national and EU grants. The company closed the first round of investment at the end of 2004 with the largest Hungarian electronics manufacturer, Videoton Holding, in order to extend its business operation on the emerging market of 3D technologies and secure its own contribution required for the various R&D projects.
To finance the expansion of international sales and distribution activities, the Company considers further investment. Holografika is also open to establish strategic alliances or partnerships with companies that consider emerging 3D visualization an attractive target and a booming industry of the coming years.


Red Herring 100 Winner World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2006 The WTN Award Millenium Award 2006 ICT Prize nominee
ICT Lyon Best Exhibit Award European SME week: Secret of Success Eureka Innovation Award 2012 nVidia 'One to watch' award


Holografika is a founding member of the 3D@Home Consortium, now part of the International 3D Society.
Holografika is a contributor of the International Committee for Display Metrology (SID-ICDM), participating in the creation of the IDMS (Information Display Measurement Standard).
3D@Home Consortium and International 3D Society
International Committee for Display Metrology
ICT Association of Hungary


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