3D LightField LED wall system

Beneficiary: Holografika LTD.
Contribution: 69 362 234 HUF
Reimbursement rate: 76.42%
Project ID: 2018-2.1.3-EUREKA-2018-00007
Duration: 01.06.2019. – 31.05.2021.


We are living in the era of visual communication.
LED technologies will dominate future displays and visualization. LEDs will outperform all, currently still mainstream technologies, like LCDs, projection (DLP, LCOS, other), even OLED. LEDs, being emissive display components by nature, offer very efficient operation with low consumption, excellent contrast with real black levels, when off, relative to backlit LCDs, or projection. They offer superb brightness, vivid colors and long life-time, when compared to OLEDs.
LED walls became the sole solution in large-scale displaying. Video walls, projection systems and other visual techniques, installations cannot keep pace with the practical advantage of LED walls. LED walls are not anymore just display walls, they offer a creative platform for modular any size, any aspect, any shape, any surface displaying.
For latest fine pitch LED walls, with pixel pitches under 1 mm, they will come to the size of TV-s in the living room.  The modular structure for TV sets next generation microLED technology is evolving opening the way for further size reductions.
Europe is in a leading position in the photonic industry, including LED components and advanced optical technologies. Two European SMEs join forces to rethink LED walls to create a new product category in the segment, launching glasses-free 3D Light Field LED Walls.


In the project Holografika will conceptualize the 3D LED wall, setting the 3D parameters according to public criteria, HOL will be responsible for the high-density LED backplane development, the control system and to develop the 3D software environment for the content generation, handling various 3D model formats and applications, and to the end of the project for the productization according to the market needs and actual use cases.
Temicon will examine the use of diffractive optics in pushing the optical performance to the limits, in terms of field-of-view (FOV), angular resolution, color dispersion and enhance the outer optical surfaces with various anti-reflection and antiglare patterns, to provide seamless outlook and superb visibility under any environmental lighting conditions.
The LED wall market is a fast growing segment. The wider public will see more and more LED walls around. LED wall in shopping malls, conference centers, airports, sports stadiums, concerts, fashion shows. They will be used as lobby attractions, architectural elements and will represent a significant market share in digital signage, event rentals, corporate and public screening.


When dealing with the market exploitation plans of the novel 3D LED wall displays, as a first approach, Holografika has identified the following potential applications as the most promising targets:
Large venue events: Both indoor and outdoor usage such as concerts, sports (stadiums), fashion and corporate presentations (exhibition centers) and public screenings are considered as potential applications. Key advantages:

  • In public spaces there is no need to distribute, collect glasses or other devices to the people for the 3D experience.
  • Free motion for the audience, no positioning or tracking needed.

Advertising and promotion: One of the major trends prevailing in the display market is the increasing adoption of 3D displays in the advertisement sector.  3D wall displays provide market vendors (e.g. shopping malls, airports, digital advertising, etc.) with an efficient audio-visual advertising platform to gain a larger target audience. Key advantages:

  • Grabbing viewers’ attention for longer period than with conventional LED walls.
  • Showing 3D content and applications in real 3D, no glasses or head-mounted devices needed (not possible with outdoor scenarios).
  • Compatibility, 3D LF LED Wall display can show both 2D and 3D content without switching over.
  • Excellent brightness, contrast and colour gamut.
  • Large size and true scalability.
  • Freely configurable, seamlessly tileable

Other applications, 3D LED cinema screens: Alternative market applications may include the signage market, as well as other future entertainment applications, like showing movies on LED cinema screens instead of traditional projection screens. The first experiments to show stereoscopic movies on LED screens have already started in China, Korea, Switzerland and Austria. The system can be used in a wide range of movie theaters, universities, major enterprises, self-owned cinemas, stadiums, cultural venues, scientific museums, planetariums.



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